The Ambush Series

Art Size: 8×10 (with mat) 11×14 (no mat)
Portrait & Landscape Layout Options Available
U.S. Patent # 9,963,927 B1

The Ambush is designed for simple installation and can be easily placed on any wall with wood screws going into existing studs. No wall modification is required.

Because of the narrow requirements of the Ambush Series Freedom Frame being directly mounted to the wall and not built into the wall, this series will house revolvers with up to a 3” barrel.

The Ambush will conceal a single handgun.


Hidden Access. Without Artistic Compromise

Freedom Frames allow you to transform your displayed fine art and photography into a quick-access, fully hidden location for your handgun. These beautifully hand-crafted frames are designed from domestic hardwoods with specific attention to the smallest detail. Our frames will compliment your finest art or most cherished photography.

Freedom Frames will accommodate most standard handguns* on the market.


The Sentinel Series

Art Size: 8×10 (with mat) or 11×14 (no mat)
Portrait & Landscape Layout Options Available
U.S. Patent # 9,963,927 B1

The Sentinel Freedom Frame provides maximum storage capacity while maintaining the appearance of simply being high quality framed art.

The Sentinel provides enough room to store a revolver as well as having enough space to store an additional handgun if desired (only one handgun stores in the fast-access tray).

The Sentinel installs into a wall between standard-spaced wall studs. This requires removal of a 14″ x 17″ section of drywall or other wall covering.

If you are looking for an installation which does not require wall modification, we recommend the Ambush Series Freedom Frame.


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