As a life-long craftsman and avid Second Amendment advocate, I am always researching what firearms-related products are emerging in the market place. In the past few years I’ve kept careful watch on the growth in the vertical market segment of firearms concealment furniture and recognized two significant trends. First, any high quality concealment furniture seems to start at a minimum of $700. Second, such furniture often fails to easily integrate into the existing interior design of a home. Thus the furniture tends to stand out or require interior design adjustments.

So I began my quest to build a conceal furniture product to meet a lower price point while maintaining exceptional quality and value. I was also seeking to create a product that would easily integrate into any interior home design. The result was the Freedom Frame.

Freedom Frames are built to exacting standards with only the highest quality wood grains and finishes. They are designed to conceal pistols ranging from sub-compacts through revolvers. We managed to hit a starting price point of $330.00 without compromising craftsmanship or function making this a very affordable option.

You can use Freedom Frames to display your highest quality art or most cherished photography – all the while maintaining total firearm concealment and quick access to your handgun.